What can thought leadership do for your company?

What Else Can PR and Thought Leadership Do For You?

When most companies first undertake a public relations effort, the emphasis is usually about getting positioned in their markets to develop business. Over time many find that their original notion about what public relations-driven business development could achieve for their organizations expands. Beacon clients come to understand that our programs not only deliver direct business development results, but other benefits both inside and out. Consider the impact that PR can have on:

  • Clients and Customers: Positive PR and thought leadership provides existing customers and clients with a sense of comfort that they are dealing with the best and brightest in the industry. It validates the relationship and their choice
  • Partners: Existing and potential business partners are highly influenced by what a company says and is being said about them. The third party credibility that thought leadership-driven PR confers is important in establishing and maintaining that positive association.
  • Investors: Investors, industry observers and analysts notice when a company is proactive in communicating to its markets. This signals a strategic sophistication and aggressiveness that is important in highly competitive environments.
  • Talent: When recruiting talent it’s important that candidates have a strong, positive impression of an organization. They want to feel comfortable with its brand, sense of stability, position in the marketplace and future prospects. Being seen as a respected industry organization is a key selection criteria, and PR can play a key role in shaping that impression.
  • Internal Communications: PR has a unique ability to provide an organization with third party validation, giving employees a sense of identity that they seek and respond to. It can help to shape a culture and has the potential to enhance retention.
  • Professional Development: PR offers excellent vehicles for professional development. Providing publishing and speaking opportunities to executives and those climbing the latter demonstrates a commitment to them as team members. This also enhances their credibility in the marketplace giving organizations greater bench strength and the ability to leverage their talent.


about BEACON

Beacon Communications is a
business-to-business public relations firm which focuses on business development. It has a twenty year track record of positioning clients as industry thought leaders by harnessing their expertise and articulating it to their markets through leading professional, industry and business publications, as well as industry associations/forums.