Complex Content & Issues Management

a PR firm with intellectual capital

Beacon Communications has distinguished itself as a public relations firm that masters complex subject matters and helps clients articulate them to target markets.  Beacon believes that its business is all about having a firm grasp of client business and the topics that matter to the industry.  This enables Beacon to have intelligent, engaging and convincing conversations with editors and other gate keepers.  Getting results for clients depends on our editorial colleague’s belief that the information and content we provide brings credit to their publications and associations.

Financial service, legal, healthcare, technology,  management and other topics that Beacon Communication  handles can be summarized with a listing of article and speaking titles  and the publications/venues in which they appeared:

  • Analyzing the Life Cycle of An Insolvency
    Risk & Insurance
  • Part VII Transfers: An Update
    Insurance & Reinsurance Law Briefing
  • The Art & Science of Winning Physician Support for Six Sigma
    Physician Executive Journal
  • Broadening Use of Financial Data To Improve Patient Care
    Healthcare Financial Management
  • A Second Look at Credit Default Swaps
  • Exploring Meaningful Use Expectations for EHR Use and Care Improvements
    Group Practice Journal
  • The Cost of the Subprime Crisis on the Property & Casualty Insurance Industry
    Bank & Lender Liability
  • Technical Need Assessment: UWMC’s Sensitivity Analysis Guides Decision-Making
    Radiology Management
  • It’s a Great Time to Be A CFO
    Financial Executive
  • Product Recall Prevention Strategies
    John Liner Review


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